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Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), i.e. ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, may appear from early childhood to late adulthood and the diagnosis is often delayed due to vague symptoms or reluctance to perform endoscopy and biopsy.

Our Calprotectin turbidimetric assay can contribute to an earlier diagnosis of IBD since the test is usually positive in active IBD.

Functional disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) do not give increased faecal Calprotectin concentrations, but organic abdominal disorders like IBD do. Patients with organic and functional abdominal disorders may have similar symptoms, and clinical examination alone may not be sufficient to give a specific diagnosis. Further diagnostic procedures are complex, expensive and may expose the patient to pain and other risks.

DiAgam has developed with Calpro AS (, leader in Calprotectin IVD tests, a test for faecal Calprotectin which is simple, non-invasive and inexpensive.

The CalproGold™ line is made of a bi-reagent kit, calibrator set and 3 levels of controls which are all suitable for a use on opened chemistry analyzers, such as but not limited to Abbott - Alinity – Architect , Beckman Coulter – AU series, IDS-iSYS Multi-Discipline Automated System, Menarini – Zenit RA, Mindray BS series, Ortho - VITROS® 5,1 FS Chemistry, VITROS® 4600 Chemistry, VITROS® 5600 Integrated Systems, Roche - Modular®- COBAS C, Siemens - Advia® 1800 - Advia® 2400 - Atellica®, Thermo-Konelab®… (*).


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