The matrices

Blood is the most commonly used biological fluid for clinical laboratory testing.  With some exceptions, most of the protein assays offered by Diagam can be performed in both serum and plasma.  Other matrices often used for testing include urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), fecal matter, etc.

The different Diagam matrices are chosen according to the assay to be performed.  Indeed, although most analytes are found in all biological fluids, they differ in their physical and chemical properties.  It is therefore important to use a specific method depending on the matrix used.

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Matrices FR
The determination of proteins in this matrix, obtained from a lumbar puncture, is essential in the diagnosis and monitoring of neuro-immunological diseases.
The assays have been validated on heparinized plasma and EDTA plasma. For any other type of tube, contact us.
The determination of analytes in the stool is generally performed to detect certain inflammatory bowel diseases.
The urine proteins assay provides information on the patient's renal function

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