A responsive and available team

Discover Diagam technical support

Our team of technical experts does everything possible to ensure that your requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

They ensure the installation of reagents on all open biochemistry analyzers, validation and after-sales service.  Their flexibility allows them to work outside of routine dosing periods so as not to disrupt the workflow.

The technical (support) team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding Diagam products.  Our employees follow up on every request and actively participate in problem solving to ensure continuous performance of our products and reliability of your results.

As our common priority is optimal patient care and your comfort in using our products, we ensure that every request for service is handled as quickly as possible.

For any question or request for remote or on-site assistance, you can contact us via the form available on the CONTACT page

Or directly by telephone on +32(0)68/551482 or via the following e-mail address: supportandinnovation@diagam.com