Immunoglobulin G CSF

In cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) immunoglobulins are normally present in small amounts. Raised IgG levels in cerebrospinal fluid can be observed in central nervous system (CNS) infections, an inflammatory syndrome, or in neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis. A raised IgG concentration in cerebrospinal fluid may be due to hemato-meningeal damage and/or intrathecal IgG synthesis. Parallel … Continued

Albumin CSF

Albumin concentration in cerebrospinal fluid reflects the integrity of the blood-brain barrier by calculating the CSF / serum albumin ratio. Indeed, albumin synthesis is only hepatic and its presence in the CSF signifies a transudation. This report must be <0.006 or <0.008 depending on age. The assay must be coupled with serum concentration measured at … Continued