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Label DiAgam or OEM

All our reagents are developed and manufactured within the company, in accordance to the state of the art methods. Calibrators and also controls are traceable to the international standards such as ERM, WHO, IFCC, NIBSC. OEM, bulk and vials with customer brand name packings are available options.


bar code

Dedicated bar-coded vials for biochemistry analyzers

DiAgam is also engaged to supply the best comfort of use through bar codes and dedicated vials adapted to the most common and large throughput analyzers. Complete dedicated kits, including totally validated methodologies, are also available.



Portfolio consolidation of large companies

As a reference company in Specific Proteins testing, DiAgam aligns its menu and completes regularly the worldwide company’s portfolio in accordance with EN 15189 (application settings fully validated).

Packings are available options which differ from an analyzer to another one.




New technologies based on the use of colloidal metallic particles are developed and used for their innovative performances. It allows to achieve precise and accurate results for some assays such as Ferritin, Cystatin C and Rheumatoid Factor which are based on the use of gold nanoparticles reagents.

Our Company & Products

  • More than 20 years of experience in R&D and Manufacturing
  • Independent growing company
  • Products suitable for all opened biochemistry analyzers
  • Customized production
  • Technical support
  • ISO 9001 & 13485
  • Company profile
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Stable & ready to use

Our reagents, controls and calibrators are liquid, stable and ready to use on all opened biochemistry analyzers even with barcodes (Roche- Modular®- Cobas 6000®- Hitachi®, Olympus- AU®, Ortho- Fusion®- Vitros®, Abbott- Architect®- Aeroset®, Siemens- ADVIA®, Thermo-Konelab®, etc.).

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