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Why us ?

All our reagents are developed and manufactured within the company.

Our reagents, calibrators and controls are liquid , stable  and  ready to use .

They are compatible with all opened biochemistry analyzers (Roche - Modular®- Cobas 6000/8000®, Beckman Coulter - AU®, Ortho - VITROS™ 5,1 FS Chemistry, VITROS 4600™ Chemistry, VITROS™ 5600 Integrated Systems, Abbott- Architect®- Aeroset®, Siemens- ADVIA®, Thermo-Konelab®, etc.)*.

All values of our calibrators and controls are assigned directly against the International Standard (WHO, IFCC, NIBSC, etc.)

Diagam is a member of the National Association of the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association (EDMA) and SIDIV . Since 2019 Diagam is a member of MedTech Europe. All our reagents are marked CE and Diagam is certified  ISO 9001:2015  and ISO 13485:2016 .

* All product names, registered trademarks, company names in this document remain the property of their respective owners. For general information purposes only. More details can be found in the package insert (instructions for use) and labelling. Not for the US market except for research use only.