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About DiAgam

DiAgam produces turbidimetric immuno reagents .

We are active in the field of Biotechnology.

Our R&D department aims its work to developing classical immunology technologies as well as new and innovative technologies based on nanobiotechnologies.

DIAgam is currently taking part in a project to develop new nanotechnologies based on the use of colloidal particles in the field of medical diagnosis. These activities have also allowed Diagam to complete its range of products with reagents for the concentration determination of Cystatin C, Ferritin and Rheumatoid Factor.

Our flexible production allows us to offer all our parameters in three different packages Kits specially dedicated to the analyzers, the Vials to be labeled and Bulk are available under the label DiAgam or OEM.

We value our customers' needs and fulfill our philosophy by offering efficient high quality reagents at a competitive price.


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